February 1, 2007

Enter or Emerge

Having barely finished the queen of swords I am eager to redo my previous version of the star in a style more in tune with my other cards. There is a lot that I am pleased about in that old image, but also some that I regret. As much as I would hate to redo cards instead of expanding the deck, I do think in some cases it will serve the deck best if I do. With the new image for the star I hope to better capture the feeling of renewal, of emerging from the night sea to finally take a deep breath of fresh air.
The star is not the only watery image that I'm thinking of painting next. Before you can emerge from the waters of the soul, you must enter them. Entering the water is signified by the page of cups. With her innocence she barely touches the surface of the water, unaware of what lies hidden in the depths.
So which will be next? The innocent entering of the waters of the soul, or the matured emerging form the night sea?

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