January 23, 2007

To paint tarot

Sometimes I wonder if other tarot artists also spend hours, days and weeks working on a single image. It usually takes me months to contemplate on the meaning and concept of a card, but the actual painting consumes lots of time and energy as well. Had I opted for an other medium it might not have been so time consuming, but oils give me the abillity to feel the strokes, gently touch the image and caress the persons in it. Most streaks of paint are created unconciously, but still they enforce the strong connection between myself and the image. Painting achetypes is a very personal and confronting experience. I get to lock eyes with the images that spring from my soul.
As I paint more I can see my style changing, the artwork matures slowly as I do. I thought at the beginning of this project that I allready had a personal style. Now I am starting to think that style was more a lack of experience. When I compare older work to what I create at the moment it is like comparing early stages of a painting with the end result. Somethings that I loved are lost and something new has appeared. If my style keeps changing with experience, this deck will never be truely coherent and I will continue to feel the urge to start over. Tarot seems to be an endless source of inspiration, and one that does not easily release its grip on those that have tasted its riches.

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